A personal message as we approach the Holiday Season

The past 4 years I have been on the outside looking in, at my now wife, getting her degree in nursing. Helping her edit papers and such brought me a new education in the very broad world of what it means to be healthy. Though the pandemic has dumbed down the margins of excitement I would normally feel at holiday time, as each day continues to repeat itself, having a child in the near future, has made me well aware that I need not only prepare for the baby, but I need to prepare myself for the physical and mental demands of this joyous occasion. We set our sights on the new year packed with resolutions, and sometimes don't make it past the first weeks full of compromise. One's health obviously doesn't wait for Jan 1 each year. It often takes a not so happy major health event, or in our case a joyous one, to realize we need to view health as a continuum of your "best self". With that said, I hope you will all take a moment in the near future, to look at what it is that you can do, not as a strict resolution on yourselves, but as something that will make you feel more satisfied on a continued basis throughout the year. In that spirit, I will share something that I realized yesterday, when my wife had to respond to the summary of a fellow nurse’s paper. Her colleague's summation dealt with the ethical nursing practices during the COVID-19 reponse: specifically with the American Nurses Association recommendation of 15 minute visits by a significant other with a patient in the hospital affected by the pandemic. The very real moment hit me as to what the nurse is feeling at the 14 minute 31 second mark, when she has to begin to usher the relative out the door of the hospital room. The humanity of the moment for the nurse in telling someone they have to say goodbye now. The cycling of emotion that connects all is really what I am asking you all to consider in yourselves while thinking of how to become your "best self". We don't have to wait for a certain moment in time.


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