How to best enjoy the Japanese Eggplant Parmesan

For those of you who ordered this amazing meal prepared by John Melfi, here are the heating instructions.  For those who didn’t ( perhaps you are in the camp “all things Eggplant I ignore”, like I used to be,) you will have another chance next week.  Thanks.  Have a great week!

1. Place one container of sauce on a baking sheet under the eggplant. Then bake until hot and the cheese is brown.

2. For the pasta, add a TBS of water to the pint container and microwave it until hot and then mix with the pesto. Another better way, would be to dunk it in boiling salted water for less than one minute and then toss with the pesto.

3. You can top the eggplant with the remaining two containers of marinara sauce. Enjoy!

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