Reuse. Reduce. Recycle

Less than a year ago we started using a package that was environmentally friendly for our crab cakes. A 100% compostable container made from sugarcane stalks. Some customers that have bought the crab cakes packaged in this container, have given us feedback that the crab cakes don't taste the same as this container absorbs moisture from the crab cakes, rendering them dry and tasteless. Since product integrity is everything to us, we have decided to discontinue its use immediately. We will always continue to search for packaging that is environmentally friendly while preserving our commitment to quality.

Starting August, you will get $1 off of every two crab cakes you purchase when bringing your own reusable containers at our pick up locations. We highly recommend to use our online order system, please note that we cannot accept change orders when you pickup.

Thanks for your continuous support,


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